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Speed limit dropping on part of 285

The speed limit on Route 285 south has changed between Loving and the Texas state line. The DOT says it has dropped from 65 miles per hour to 55. The department says it has to do with current traffic conditions on the highway. It claims this particular stretch has limited side access, which means dangerous […]

Funding to help NMSU students move projects into marketplace

Sens. Udall and Heinrich say the Economic Development Administration has decided to invest nearly $400,000 in NMSU’s Next Gen project. The money allows NMSU to improve entrepreneurship programming at its main campus and extend it to its four community college campuses. The program helps students turn their projects into marketable products.

Carlsbad school board votes to delay third school

Carlsbad’s school board has decided not to approve the addendum to the architectural contract from the two new elementary schools. The addendum would have allowed NCA Architects to move forward with completing a third new elementary school. The Current-Argus reports this likely sets completion of that third school back two or three years. An advisory […]

Health department looking to educate people on Zika

The state health department says it has started taking steps to helping people learn about the Zika virus. Bites from infected mosquitoes serve as the primary method of transfer of the virus to people. However, sexual contact can also pass it. The virus has links to birth defects. New Mexico has not confirmed any cases. […]

1,000 Kid March tomorrow at state capitol

An event tomorrow at the state capitol focuses on giving children access to early childhood education and care. Educators, parents, community and union leaders, state lawmakers, and children plan on participating in the 1,000 Kid March. Early Educators United claims 35,000 children under the age of five in New Mexico lack access to high-quality early […]

Mike Winters Morning Show

Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh 2_11_16

02-10-16: Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh 2_11_16

Johnny Gonzales 2_11_16

02-10-16: Johnny Gonzales 2_11_16

Barbra Gomez and the Baby Boomer Business Expo 2_10_16

02-09-16: Barbra Gomez and the Baby Boomer Business Expo 2_10_16

Tom Burris RISD Superintendent 2_10_16

02-09-16: Tom Burris RISD Superintendent 2_10_16

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